Learning English is Mission Possible


Learning English is not a one day process. You will get what you put in.

English is our best friend in daily life.

We will use it, write it, face it and talk to it.

We will have to spend time getting to know......

English and it will become your best friend.

How many of you are a best friend of English?

And how many of you are prepared and willing to be a best friend of English?


Throughout the experience of teaching Business English and Conversation,

I have noticed that Taiwanese students are relatively strong in

reading and listening.

However, there is a room for students to improve on speaking English.

There is no single best-fit-all method of improving oral English.

The only thing you need to do is to commit to English

and open your mouth by practicing it.

 “Say it and learn from mistake”.

This is the slogan I would suggest to my students.

There is impossible for you

to learn any languages without consistently practicing it.

Having made mistakes in front of your classmates or teachers is better

than making mistakes in front of your co-workers, managers and customers.

 Therefore, you got to say it and practice it before you are making it real.


Regarding the Business English,

it is sometimes not just all about the language

and it’s about the skills and phrases we are using.

We can actually learn some expressions or terminologies

and apply to other situations.

For instance, we can use This isThis is for introducing people.

Or we can use Today I would like to present…” for all types of presentations.”

Therefore, Business English requires a great deal of skills

and we would use it everyday for work.

The best way to learn Business English is......

to role play the situations and sometimes

we will need to recite some expressions in our mind

and try to apply it in different situations.

I basically strongly disagree of reciting things as we are not kids.

Please don’t recite anything like what we did for the school exams.

You are only doing that for exam

and not learning something you need to know.


Moreover, it is always important to know the “KISS” skills

where it stands for Keep It Short & Simple for some certain E-mail writings,

reports and Presentation slides.

Business English is not necessary for showing off English and your vocabulary.

It’s all about getting an efficient communication with

your company and customers.

 A good communicator is not always writing a long and windy reports.

On the other hand, they use less time

to get their messages communicated across the board.


Finally, I hope all the students at Elite would enjoy learning English

and become a life-long friend of English.

Never underestimate your ability in English and be confident.

 “Impossible is nothing and Just do it.”






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